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A blog about designing better software.

Better software and database design benefits both programmers and businesses.

Good software design can never compensate for a poorly designed database.  Bad software design with a good database is unreliable, but at least it can be fixed.

Both of these situations are costly for businesses in terms of maintenance and redesign costs.  They are also frustrating for the programmers trying to make them work and keep them updated.  Ideally, we want good software design on top of a good database.

This blog talks about both.

Working with Phillip was a pleasure. We had a rush project to redesign our web application within a month’s time. With his expertise across various technologies he was able to provide demonstrable results quickly and efficiently.

Josh Bernard, OBS Financial

About Phillip

I am a computer programmer specializing in building web applications and database software with ASP.NET MVC, C#, and SQL Server.

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Spellweaver Inc. is based in Calgary, AB.